Sunday, August 28, 2011

Celebrating Students With Tech Part I

Companies use interactive tools to celebrate their customers in different ways. McDonalds and Avatar teamed up for the Avatarize Yourself campaign, and the tech company that was responsible for that, oddcast, is responsible for a host of other ways that companies try to promote their product by putting the consumer in their product somehow.  But the award for taking a viewer and celebrating that viewer in fresh and original ways has to go to the Swedish company, tackfilm, which has been working with the Swedish Telecommunications service for the past few years, celebrating those who pay their Telecommunications bill (I think). Their Internet video celebrations are like no other. And their latest idea is putting you in a music video. The title of this video is "I'm A Star!" It's a great video for each child in the classroom. 

There are a lot of sites that can give the online portion of your classroom a special feel. In our classroom, each child designs their own website. Our classroom website is a portal to all student websites. You simply click on the photo of the child, and that links directly to their personal homepage. Instead of using the children's photos though, it's a lot cooler to run the photos through Below are some of the examples from my students' photos this year. 

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