Table of Contents (Series)

A Table of Contents for all the series I've written on this blog.

Innovation Series
1) Using Kickstarter To Kick Start Innovation in the Classroom
2) Showcasing 4th Grade Innovation Projects
3) Makey Makey in the Classroom

Teaching Kids To Code
1) A Brief History Of (My) Time
2) Coding As A Tool For Creativity
3) Scratch 2.0
4) Coding To Learn

The 2nd Annual Fourth Grade Film Festival
1) The "Metaphor" Genre
2) The "Famous People" Genre
3) The "Extreme Action" Genre
4) The "Humor" Genre
5) The "Make Your Life Better" Genre

The 1st Annual Fourth Grade Film Festival
1) The "Adventure" Genre
2) The "You'll Be Better" Genre
3) The "Bandwagon" Genre
4) The "Celebrity" Genre
5) Technical Workarounds With The Short Films

My Class Economy
1) An Introduction
2) Creating Meaningful Class Jobs
3) Managing Accounts, Writing Checks, Workshops, and Bonuses
4) What Does It Mean To Produce Something?
5) The Christmas Firings
6) A Study In Advertising Genres  
7) The Class Economy Series Finale

10 Weeks In: Reflections On Edmodo
1) Edmodo vs. ProBoards
2) The Homework Help Room
3) The Other Virtual Rooms

"Material World" & Where Children Sleep
1) Part 1
2) Part 2

If I Taught Music
1) Double Dream Feet
2) The Music of our Lives
3) Garage Band and A Full Circle

Choosing An Online Classroom Hub
1) An Introduction
2) Google Sites Makes Me Googity Sick
3) Moodle Illusion
4) The Beautiful Ones
5) Exploring Edmodo

1) The Good of Voki
2) 7 Reasons Why Voki Is Bad and Ugly

Classroom Trailers
1) Picture Book Trailers Using iMovie HD
2) Picture Book Trailers Using iMovie for iPad
3) Chapter Book Trailers Using iMovie '11
4) 4th Grade Trailers for 2013

10 Ways I Tried To Enhance My Classroom With Tech 2011-2012
1) Lip Dubs
2) The Web Tools I used For The First Time
3) SMART Mornings
4) The Scratch Curriculum
5) Expanding Math
6) Google Docs
7) The Poetry of Music
8) The Class Forum
9) Posterous E-Portfolios
10) Prezis and Parents

No Talking! A Listening Experiment
1) Part 1
2) Part 2

Celebrating Students With Tech
1) Part 1
2) Part 2  Can now only be properly viewed in Sweden

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