Sunday, March 24, 2013

The 2nd Annual 4th Grade Film Festival (Part 1: Metaphors)

I still have a couple of chapters to write about our year-long class economy, but since I showcased our class commercials this past Friday, I thought I'd feature what this year's class did in the next couple of posts.
There were several genres in advertising that this year's class identified, but when it came down to writing scripts, the following are what most students chose:
Famous People
Extreme Action
Make Your Life Better

I'll feature each in turn in the coming posts. For this post I'll start with metaphor. Two children decided to write a commercial script with "metaphor" as their main focus. The first commercial tries to tie in the following: hand made scarfs are as warm as a fire place, and book marks protect your books like a security guard.

The second commercial sells cardboard model buildings. The author wanted to show that these buildings are durable, and just like a lock, are hard to break.

We use a green screen for the backgrounds. There were a couple of interesting challenges this year, and I'll address them in turn.

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