Monday, June 4, 2012

eduClipper and Clipboard- Alternatives To Symbaloo

I started using Symbaloo at the start of the school year. I tried to make a webmix for each of the major subjects taught at our K-12 school as a whole school resource. While working with it, I've found that it is kind of good, and kind of annoying

I kind of like Symbaloo because shiny color buttons are cooler than text. What I don't like about it is that they have sacrificed information in favor of a smaller size... to fit more candy-like buttons on the screen. I wish that the buttons were about twice as big. I would be able to put more details and better images into each of the buttons, kind of like what Chrome and Safari does on their start pages. Actually using something like the "Cover Flow" view in macs would be perfect.

While I haven't been able to find an visual online bookmarking manager that utilizes my cool original idea of using apple's "cover flow," I did find while perusing freetech4teachers an intriguing tool called Clipboard. Clipboard is more visually appealing because it has- you guessed it- bigger buttons. After playing with it this afternoon, what I don't like about it is that it uses hash tags to organize those buttons, and more annoying still (but hopefully I'm wrong about this) there doesn't seem to be a way to edit the hash tag once it's been assigned. One of Clipboard's advantages is that it doesn't necessarily have to capture an entire web page. It can just as easily capture a video on the webpage, an embedded e-book, flash application, or whatever.
I'm looking at comparing Edmodo with other comparable sites, so I started this Clipboard Board:

I applied to eduClipper after another freetech4teachers post, so as soon as I'm able to try it out, I'll update this.*

*Pinterest is absent in this discussion because I hate it. And I hate it primarily because if I want to "pin" a site onto a board but Pinterest can't find an image associated with the site, then it won't pin it (For example, try pinning That stinks, and that is why I won't use it.

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