Monday, June 11, 2012

10 Ways I Tried To Enhance My Classroom This Year With Tech: #10 Prezis and Parents

#10 Using Prezi to communicate my most important units to parents

Before school started this year, I wanted to find an alternative to my long emails that explain about our class's units. I identified the longer units that take more than a month to teach, and converted them into Prezi presentations for parents. This not only helped me visualize what I was actually doing, but it helped most of the parents too. It's more fluid and more enjoyable than a long email or a newsletter. So for this year, as part of my goal to increase parental communication, I developed these units using Prezi:


Values: Language Arts and Social Studies

Classroom Economy: Language Arts and Social Studies

Social Inequality: Language Arts and Social Studies

I also designed a quick Prezi that helped guide my talking points for our 4th grade Open House at the start of the year:

I'd like to continue to convert my units to this format. This summer my goal is to design Prezis for how we integrate technology into the classroom, and at least two science units.

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