Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Ways I Tried To Enhance My Classroom This Year With Tech: #3 SMART Mornings

# 3: Integrating SMART Boards into our Morning Meetings

I consider my SMART Board a nice projecting screen. It does some other neat things too, but the fact that only one hand can touch it at a time means that it's coolest feature is extremely limiting. However, once again thanks to Brent Vasicek, and a class that needed a format that was more active than a traditional Morning Meeting, I found something that the SMART Board was exactly what I needed to have student run morning routines.
I've written about how we do our morning routines here, and here is the example video again:

But what I wanted to feature in this post was how we use the SMART Board as a management tool. The template we use divides the SMART Board into tiles, and acts as a management tool to aid the student MC. Each section of the morning routine is another tile, so when one section is over and another begins, the MC touches the next tile, and the new section is revealed.

Here is a short video on how I used SMART Notebook to set this up:

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