Sunday, March 24, 2013

The 2nd Annual 4th Grade Film Festival (Part 2: Famous People)

There were several genres in advertising that this year's class identified, but when it came down to writing scripts, the following are what most students chose:
Famous People
Extreme Action
Make Your Life Better

The "Famous People" genre of advertising convinces you to buy a product simply because someone you recognize is selling it. This year we had two "Taylor Swift" commercials, and a "Selena Gomez" commercial. The challenge of course is that the children have to act as the famous people they want in their commercial. Another challenge is setting up the character in the script so that the audience knows who the child is playing.
The author of this commercial decided to do two things; have people filtering in at a concert before it began, and to include a shot of the star's dressing room door. I added one more thing; a fake billboard at the beginning of the commercial featuring the student that was playing Taylor Swift.
There was an additional challenge with this particular commercial. The author wanted to rewrite the lyrics to "Love Story" to fit her advertisement. She eventually decided that she would sing the part, but didn't want to play Taylor Swift. We recorded her voice, and I ran it through a few UJAM filters. Then I synched her voice with the music using Garage Band.

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