Saturday, August 25, 2012

If I Taught Music Class Part 1: Double Dream Feet

I've never formally taught music in fourth grade. But I have a good idea of how to start if I did.
Before I get to that plan though, I have a small side anecdote. I love this goofy guy:
Double Dream Feet!

Last year I wanted my class to start off our morning dance with him. I wanted this because I hadn't had the idea of a student dance leader yet, and I was hoping he would lead us to morning dance glory.
However, he is extremely embarrassing.
So I turned his introduction into a lesson on bravery. I told them that a big phone company named Sprint put out a challenge: Do your own interpretation of that guy's dance and dance moves, and send it in (true story). Thousands of people sent in their own Double Dream Feet videos, many who were high school and college kids, destined to be brave.
It worked last year. The kids loved the song, and we danced to it in the morning for 2 weeks straight, never once getting embarrassed by the tackiness that is obvious to even upper elementary kids.
It's such a fun dance, I'd love to start this class off with him as well. But every class is different, and overall my group this year is a bit more cautious. But we'll see!

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