Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celebrating Students With Tech: Part 2

As with my first post on this topic, this post also relies heavily on the amazing tools created by tackfilm. As far as I can tell, for at least the past three years Radiotjanst has made these individually customizable web videos to thank Swedish citizens for paying their broadcasting fees. But the videos have a much broader reach. They're a great way to celebrate people in general, or in my case, 9 year olds in the classroom. I talked about the music video celebration in my first post.*
In this post I want to feature Radiotjanst's "Hero" movies.
Radiotjanst has developed two customizable hero movies that feature and celebrate... you. They're easy to make, and a lot of fun. They used to have English versions for both types of customized hero movies, but now there is just a English version for the second one. It doesn't really matter too much though. The visuals of the first are powerful and fun anyway. This year, I gave one out to every family for Christmas, and the other one out to close out the year. Here are examples for the two hero films. Depending on your internet connection (mine is quite slow), they could take a few minutes to load.

You can put yourself or anyone else in this hero movie, by clicking on this link. This is the first hero movie that Radiotjanst put together. It no longer has English subtitles, but it's still great fun.

You can watch an example of the second hero movie here.
You can put yourself or anyone else in this hero movie, by clicking on this link. Have fun!

*Since then, I'm not sure if the tool is temporarily down or permanently down. The link still exists when you go to the tackfilm home page, but when I try to access it, I get the message "403 - Forbidden" 

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