Saturday, April 7, 2012

4th Grade Film Festival Part 3

The third genre of advertising we studied and wrote in is "Bandwagon." Although to be fair, it's really not possible to write a bandwagon commercial without crossing over into other genres. This first commercial could just as easily be "Adventure," and is probably the truest commercial that was made this year. It does a couple of things that have never been done before. The first is that there is no talking in the commercial. There is only a voice-over. The second is that instead of a group of friends celebrating a product, as in most bandwagon commercials written by elementary students, it shows off the genre by having a series of completely unrelated people all over the world, tied together by the child's product.

The next one is another cross-genre commercial. It's a comedy, but it's central feature is that everyone loves the jokes sold by this student:

Finally, this next commercial features something that I've never had any student do before. For his commercial, he wrote and sang a jingle. It's one of the class favorites because it's funny and creative, but also because everyone was invovlved- hence the power of "bandwagon."

On a technical note, near the end of the commercial it sounds like there is a toy piano that accompanies the student's voice. I used the cool web app ujam, which among other things, can change voice into instruments. So I ran the song through the application, and converted it into two different instruments which I overlap over the voice during the commercial.

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