Thursday, April 26, 2012

Elementary Lip Dub: A Great Way To Build A Multi-Grade Community

Update: Here is our Lincoln Elementary attempt at a lip dub we did during the last day of school:

There are a lot of high school and university lip dubs out there. This is an excellent community builder for elementary schools as well. It can incorporate several grades, it takes a considerable amount of planning that the students quickly take ownership in, and it's a lot of fun.

This quarter I'm offering a "Make Your Own Music Video" after school activity, with the intention of making a lip dub. After watching several examples and voting on a song to sing, the grades 2 through 5 children began dividing up parts and choreographing it.

We've already learned some valuable lessons:

- It takes practice to walk backwards and not bump into things.

- It's impossible to walk up the stairs backwards.

- We can help out and do a lot of cool things that add to the video even when we're not singing.

Here our first lip dub attempt:

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