Friday, October 7, 2011

Roleplaying our Class RIghts

One of the jobs I offer in my class economy is called "Hollywood." The job of Hollywood is to of course make movies. It took me some time to flesh out the job description because, "Go out and make movies!" isn't nearly enough direction for a fourth grader. Around October of last year I had it figured out though. Intrinsic values and rights are a big part of our fourth grade life, so Hollywood's job is to turn our class rights- the rights we decided as a class at the beginning of the year that will support our learning- into short one minute promos. Last month, my two Hollywood employees (I also learned that having two is much more productive than having only one person in charge of making movies) wrote, filmed, and directed their first class right movie: "We have the right to be comfortable." They get a small stipend to pay any actors that want to be in their promo (since much of the filming has to be done durning a break time). Below is the result:

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