Sunday, November 18, 2012

Developing Digital Dendrites: Teaching Internet Literacy

Right now I'm creating a wokshop for internet literacy. It's my proposed workshop for this year's spring NESA conference. I'll be busy over the next few days putting the resources together. Here are my two main tools for the workshop. They'll be modified drastically each day through Wednesday. The Prezi won't make a whole lot of sense without the presentation notes. I'll post those when I'm finished writing them.
The Prezi has several embedded videos, and although the Prezi will run just fine, the videos will take a while to load. I chose to upload the videos instead of direct links to youtube because our school internet is unreliable. Still for most connections and viewers, it's probably much easier to simply have the embedded youtube links. I'll post another Prezi that has the embedded links when I'm done with this initial Prezi.

The Accompanying Prezi

The Bookmarked Resources
Developing digital dendrites and Attention / Introduction / Communicate / Collaborate / Access Information in (salamanca)

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