Monday, January 23, 2012

Phil Clinton

Today my boss and friend resigned as director of Lincoln School.

This post is a tribute to a great man that I've had the privilege to know for the past four years. To paraphrase the words of Michael Scott, "The dictionary defines 'superlative' as 'of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else or others; supreme.' I define it as Phil Clinton. As a leader, as a man, and as a friend, he is of the highest kind, quality, and order; supreme."

When Phil left Khartoum to come to Nepal, my 5th grade class in Sudan put together this goodbye video for him. Each chapter is written by a different student, and each highlights their country of origin as Mr. Clinton travels around the world in search of his new home, Nepal.

That was a happy good-bye. Phil did so much for that school and community. This one is an incredibly sad good-bye. It is a terrible shame that he wasn't given the opportunity to fulfill his education vision in Kathmandu.

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