Monday, April 28, 2014

Creating Unit Resources Just For Parents

One of the cool things about teaching is that I get to learn new stuff all the time. This year I needed to teach a forest unit for the first time. I enjoy hiking and camping, hate Malaria and snakes in my hair, but my knowledge of forests was pretty much like any average adult. Maybe it's slightly below average. 
My knowledge was on par with Harriet

But as a teacher I get to study this amazing topic in-depth, and I come across some fantastic information that can be equally amazing if you're a child or an adult. 

I decided to pull together some of the coolest resources I found that I thought parents would really enjoy.

I decided to use Learnist as my depository because I really like the design and I never used it before. What I don't like about it is that you can't embed these boards. Apparently it was possible back in 2012, but for some reason they pulled that feature soon after. 

In any event, here is the board I made of the best forest resources no matter what age you are... as long as your age is over, say, 12:

The board combines the greatest forest resources I found from Radiolab, NPR, Stuff You Should Know, MinuteEarth, and Global Forest Watch.

Some of these resources the kids will use directly. Some will be used indirectly. And some, not at all. But each of these resources are amazing. 

If I get a decent parent response for this one unit, then I think it would be great to make boards like this tailored just for parents for each of our units. 

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