Sunday, July 20, 2014

9 iPad Apps For Everyday Classroom Use

Last year was the first year I got to use an iPad in class. I had an Apple TV, iPad stand, 

and an iPad case that I could walk around with using one hand.

It was great!

In a later post I'll talk about the tools I used for assessment. Today I wanted to review the main apps I like for the classroom. 

#1 Too Noisy Lite

I used this during independent or group work. You can set the sensitivity level, and after an initial period where the noise increases because students want to watch the needle move, that part fades away quick enough.

#2 StrataLogica

The best virtual globe that I've found, it's cartoonish imagery is really clear on the projector. You can draw on it and put place markers. 

There are a lot of features that I haven't explored yet, but here's a promotional video I found:

#3 Chimes

I just found this app this summer, but it's perfect for the classroom. I like playing music during work time, but this is a great app for independent reading or writing workshop. It doesn't just produce chimes sounds. It can make bird sounds, thunder storms, crickets, waves, wind, frogs, and owls.

The chimes can me moved with a finger, and they bounce around gently for a while. 

#4 Pinterest

It's nice to have a central depository for videos. What I don't like about the Pinterest app is that it doesn't play the videos using the full screen when streaming through Apple TV. 

#5 Decide Now!
A great random name generator, I used this app when I wanted to make random partners or select someone. 

#6 Fun Sounds
I've tried a lot of free soundboards. I like this one because I can delete inappropriate sounds. 

#7 Heads Up!
I've never been a great manager of the last 15 minutes of the school day. I'm pretty horrendous at managing that time. Usually we're a couple minutes late getting out of class, but occasionally we're early. When I am early, "Heads Up!" is a fun class activity to play.

#8 Stage: Interactive Whiteboard & Document Camera

I've gone through a lot of document camera apps, but the one I had the least problems with is the built in camera app that is part of iOS. It's sometimes nice to virtually draw on the image though, so out of the ones that I have played with, Stage seems to be the best.

#9 Haiku Deck
Haiku deck is a web app and an IOS app. On the web, Haike Deck presentations are nothing special. But they look much cooler on an iPad. I've embedded one presentation below. 

Bonus: There are a lot of timer and stopwatch apps in iTunes, but the clock app that comes with IOS works just fine. 

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